Female Dominated Marriage

A marriage where the female is in fact "in charge" of the relationship. The male is submissive to the wife in all ways.

Location: South Beach, Miami, Florida, United States

Thursday, November 11, 2004


We went to a Halloween party we were invited to by firends. I was "Speedo Boy" and she came as sexy cop. I was pretty embarassed as she had me in this little red Speedo, Speedo flip flops, Speedo goggles around my neck and a towel around my neck that came over my nips to somewhat hide my pierced nipples (many people in the crowd didn't realize I had pierced nipples), but the do now. She had taken off my CB-3000 for the evening so my natural cock is just laying out there. How those swimmers do that I have no idea, though mine was more revealing since she had me remove the front lining. She played cop the whole night having a blast getting a bit tipsy. I got hard more than a few times at the party which was mildly embarassing and hopefully I did a good job hiding it.