Female Dominated Marriage

A marriage where the female is in fact "in charge" of the relationship. The male is submissive to the wife in all ways.

Location: South Beach, Miami, Florida, United States

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Well, we are going to give this blogging thing another try.
Just a quick post to restart things.

We went out on the boat Sunday. It was a hot, cloudless day. I wore a white bikini and wife wore one of her Wicked Weasel bikinis. Her friend also wore a Wicked Weasel which drove me crazy.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Kelly Moves In

So after my last post this past Sunday I am told that my wife's friend Kelly is getting kicked out of her parents' place and needs to stay with us for like a week or two. I help her bring things from her parents using my minivan and realize she had far more stuff then either me or my wife thought so much of it would have to be stored in our garage; thereby kicking my minivan out of the garage in leu of Kelly's things since she can't afford to rent a storage unit. So things have been going fine until Tuesday and yesterday. Tuesday, Kelly has her day off from work and we're all in the pool nude and hanging out. My wife had let me out of the CB3000 earlier that morning (for the day). It went well, no sexual inuendos or anything. We're nudist anyway so we're not of the puritanical belief that naked=sex. Kelly has a fantastic body. Much like my wife she if very thin, but Kelly's breasts are quite big - perhaps a C-cup, not exactly sure. And she has these pouty lips -- she reminds me of a very blonde Angelina Jolie. I'm not into blondes at all but I could see how someone could easily fall under her spell. Nonetheless we had a great day, I cooked out on the grill and had a great time. Kim and I came in and took a shower, while Kelly went I guess to do the same in our guest room. After enjoying going down on Kim and getting her off, I was super hard and leaking pre-cum like crazy, it was nearing time for dinner. I don't remember the last time I had an orgasm, but I guess it wasn't going to be that afternoon. She told me to put on my white Speedo that I have the lining cut out of and go make dinner for us. After a few deep breaths I calmed down and was able to get myself into the Speedo and went to get dinner together. I called for them both to come out as dinner was almost ready. Kelly came out in just a long white T-shirt (like a sleep shirt I guess) and Kim came out in a white cut-off tank top w/o a bra and had on little black panties. I did everything I could not to get hard but looking at her pointy nipples through that thin ribbed cotton kept me with a semi. Kim is VERY hot! We had dinner and managed to get through it w/o anything more than a semi-erection when Kelly got right in my face with those lips and in a VERY sexy voice said, "aren't you afraid someone is going to see you only wear panties?" I got a super hardon instantly! I didn't know what Kim had told her or what but between the sex Kim and I had that afternoon w/o any relief for me and Kelly's provocative question sent me going. Both girls laughed and then Kim told me to stand up "NOW!" I did and Kelly said, "Holy shit, you're right, he's HUGE!" My erection was to the right of my swimsuit and could easily be defined as it strained against the Spandex/lycra. I cleared the table and it was decided we would go watch a video then head to bed. We ended up watching two lesbian sex flicks and I served them dessert on the couch while I sat on the floor between them. They would caress my head, but I'm certain they were caressing each other as well, though I could not see them.
So Wednesday morning came and I was surprised to see Kelly up at the same time as Kim & I. We get up really early to do a morning run then hit the gym. Kelly was wearing one of my running shorts and a sports bra top. I was embarassed as I had on these very small shorts that were a bit "cheeky" for the run, and Kim was going to have me put on more "conservative" shorts once we got to the gym. Not sure why I brought all that up.

But nonetheless...Kelly went to work, not sure what Kim did all day. I worked in the office all day then I have a once a month meeting on Wednesday nights and got home at 9:15PM (last night). I go to my wife's bedroom (we call it Mistress's bedroom instead of the Master bedroom-for fun), and there's a note taped to the door and my stainless steel dog collar is hanging on the doorknob with its padlock left open. I quickly realized this is not good! The note was from Kim stating to remove all my clothes (by the way my CB3000 was locked back on me Tuesday night after we watched those porn videos) and attched the dog collar. It also said to be a good doggie and guard the front door (sleep on the foyer area rug) and to wake them Thursday morning at 4AM with three good quality barks. It was clear they were inside the bedroom doing who knows what butI heard the TV on with an obvious sex video playing. I was devistaded. I was scared and somewhat hurt that the next morning (in less than an hour while writing this) I was going to be on all fours barking at a door waking up my wife and I guess her new lover. I will survive but I am not looking forward to showing Kelly my CB3000 and serving under her in addition to my wife. We'll see how things go.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

This weekend so far

Friday for dinner she wanted to go to Hooters for some reason. We discovered the Hooters closest to us went out, so there was another about 20 miles. We go and our waitress is absolutely stunning! My wife is immediately infatuated with her and apparently the waitress is equally into my wife! Her name is Iara and by the time the check came they were somewhat discreetly rubbing thighs. I was very hard in my little CB3000.
Will post more later as what happened that evening and Saturday are incredible.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

This Morning

Wife and Her mother went shopping today and won't be back until after 4PM. i am left here in only my chastity device and white satin panties. i woke Wife up at 8AM sharp my usual way of going down on Her and giving Her a fantastic orgasm; my cock trying desperately to burst free of its prison. Before waking Her i made certain the house was nice and clean for Her mother's visit. Everything is organized in its place and everything is sparkling. i did the cleaning nude except for the CB-3000. Before that i was at the gym to get in even better shape for my beautiful Wife!
She told me to start writing in this journal again, hopefully i will do better with it this time.
i love and worship Her with all my soul.
slave ken

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

An interesting week so far

WOW! It has been so long since I have been on here, and Kim doesn't seem to mind, though she wants me to post much more often, like every other day, if not daily.
Last night was incredibly intense! By the time Kim got home I had the entire house spic and span. And she was very impressed. Though I know it wasn't going to get the CB3K off of me, I thought she may be in for some relief for me, but who knew. I was naked when she got home except my CB3K and my collar. She had me put on a diaper and one of my pink Fetware plastic panties over top. She had just now come from the gym and looked terribly sexy. She had on only a white crop top/sport bra thing and very short black tight shorts. She looked fantastic, and was quite horny. I drank two glasses of water as she really wanted me to pee in my diaper (she had called at 2PM and instructed me not to pee until after she got home but to drink a glass of water every hour). It took about a 1/2 hours of conversation and I was feeling the need to let loose. She had me get on all fours on our coffee table and went to our sexbox (contains all our toys) while I relieved myself in my diaper. It was quite the relief and after a minute or two of sexy conversation she took a towel around me and deftly pulled the plastic panties down to my thighs and removed the diaper and then put the plastic panties back in place. She tooked the soaked diaper and started feeding it to my mouth where I had to suck it to get the excess. Then she kept feeding it to me more or less until there would be no dripping and then tied it to my mouth in a type of roll. Next she pulled down her black shorts to show her Polo Sport white thong, explaiming, "Not only did these get soaked with sweat during my aerobics class, I rubbed myself really good on the way home, see." And they were still wet with her sweat and cum and she placed them right under my notrils. She stroked my nipples and tongued my left ear. I nearly collapsed from sensory overload! Then, I could see from the reflection in the window in front of me that she was getting a strap on. "You were such a good boy, I thought I would give you a nice little treat!" I was dreading and hoping for what was coming next. I AM and WAS VERY desperate for at least SOME kind of relief/pleasure, and it looked like she was going to use the strap on to "milk" me. She lubed me and the dildo up. It was just the 4 inch pink dildo and she put a condom on it and was "sweet talking" me, telling me what a great slut I am, and I admitted i really am just Her slut and was begging to get fucked by Her! I was/am desperate for any kindly pleasure she is willing to grant! Within only a couple of minutes I could feel my cock trying to get hard in its small plastic cage. I could feel with each of her thrusts I was leaking just a little more. She kept up for about 15 minutes or so, adding lube; changing her pace; verbally humiliating me; having me look at my rediculous and humiliating situation in the dark window in front of me.

In addition she has admitted to me that she has not been faithful to our relationship that she is more interested in seeing other girls, but still wants to remain married. She has most recently had sex several times with this girl Karen who is only 19 yrs. old! She doesn't know when, but will be bringing her home and they have considered having her move in. I really have not say in the matter, as it was presented to me more as a directive than a discussion. I only asked if I would still be able to worship her orally, and she assured me that I would.

I must go. Will be blogging more and more. Once we figure how to add pics, she wants to put pics of me and maybe her and Karen up.

Thursday, November 11, 2004


We went to a Halloween party we were invited to by firends. I was "Speedo Boy" and she came as sexy cop. I was pretty embarassed as she had me in this little red Speedo, Speedo flip flops, Speedo goggles around my neck and a towel around my neck that came over my nips to somewhat hide my pierced nipples (many people in the crowd didn't realize I had pierced nipples), but the do now. She had taken off my CB-3000 for the evening so my natural cock is just laying out there. How those swimmers do that I have no idea, though mine was more revealing since she had me remove the front lining. She played cop the whole night having a blast getting a bit tipsy. I got hard more than a few times at the party which was mildly embarassing and hopefully I did a good job hiding it.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Afternoon without chastity

She removed my CB3K for the day. In order to see how often I get hard. It has been nearly constant and constant dripping as well. I am now with a washcloth to keep any more dripping.
Went to pool in just our thongs. Mine was pink, hers a black wicked weasel. She looks so hot and had me going SOOOO many times. I am beyond horny! Those tapes and CDs she has me listening to seem to be doing their work. I never thought I could be any more submissive, but here I am doing just that!!!!!!!!!